Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009


-How many US plus NATO and other nation’s troops are in Afghanistan right now?
ANSWER: 65,000 US + 38,000 NATO and other nations

-How many more US troops has President Obama committed to send there?
ANSWER: 30,000

-How many more NATO and other nations troops have been committed to Afghanistan?
ANSWER: 7,500

-What will be the total troop strength of US/NATO and other nations in Afghanistan?
ANSWER: 140,500

-How many fighters does the Taliban have in Afghanistan?
ANSWER: 25,000 (US Govt. report 10/2009)

-Say again?
ANSWER: 25,000

-What are the main weapons of the 25,000 Taliban?
ANSWER: small arms (rifles) and IEDs

-What exactly are IEDs?
ANSWER: homemade bombs

-What are the main weapons of the US and NATO forces?
ANSWER: a full range of all the most modern and most expensive weapons of war including advanced technology, artillery and the latest in fighter aircraft, both fixed-wing and helicopters, plus unmanned drones capable of dropping bombs computer/satellite guided in real-time from US bases 8,000 miles from the target.

-How much does all this cost the US?
ANSWER: billions of dollars a year

-How much does it cost the Taliban to keep its fighters in the field?
ANSWER: nobody knows

-How long have we (the US & NATO) been training the Afghans to defend themselves?
ANSWER: 8 years

-How much money has the US spent training the Afghans to “stand up”?
ANSWER: tens of billions

-Are the Afghans ready yet to “stand up” and defend themselves?

-When will the Afghans be ready?
ANSWER: nobody knows

-How much money does the Taliban spend training its forces?
ANSWER: there is no record or evidence of any Taliban training

- If the US has been funding and training the Afghans, which nations have been funding and training the Taliban fighters and where do they do this?
ANSWER: there is no record or evidence of any Taliban training or any funding

-Without a nation/sponsor or known funding, how then are the Taliban able to conduct a war for 8 years against the US and NATO?
ANSWER: nobody knows

-How much does it cost the Taliban to fight every year?
ANSWER: nobody knows

-Where does the Taliban get its money? (It has to have some money, doesn't it?)
ANSWER: supposedly from the Afghan drug trade - heroin

-But… isn’t the biggest “drug lord” in Afghanistan the President’s own brother?

-Is President Karzai’s brother or perhaps President Karzai himself helping the Taliban?
ANSWER: good question

-What about the "real enemy" al Queda – how many of them are in Afghanistan?
ANSWER: according to the US Government there are maybe 100 of them there

-Wait a minute! Did I miss some zeros in the last answer? 100? Really?
ANSWER: no missing zeros – only about 100 al Queda still in Afghanistan

-Why can’t 140,500 of the world's best-equipped military troops defeat 100 al Queda and 25,000 Taliban insurgents armed with rifles and homemade bombs who use donkeys, not helicopters, for transportation?
ANSWER: you tell me… nobody seems to know

-Why are we still in Afghanistan – and increasing our multi-billion dollar military presence there?
ANSWER: according to President Obama, we are there to stabilize Pakistan

-What? Are you sure that’s what he said?
ANSWER: yes, that’s what he said

-When will the last US soldier die in Afghanistan and all US troops come home?
ANSWER: nobody knows