Friday, July 18, 2008


Our government, together with a compliant, complicit media, presents us with the terrible vision of a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East – a vision of Israel literally up in smoke, obliterated by a mushroom cloud of Iranian origin. Of course, nobody wants to see that. But, is the only alternative a “preemptive strike” against Iran and its so-called WMD program facilities? Why do we accept these visions unquestioningly?

In fact, why doesn’t anyone ask: Is a nuclear attack upon Israel strategically feasible? Is there really a threat to the Jewish state from a Persian bomb?

The answers are: No and No.

The “war mongers” are at it full blast again. The Op-Ed page of The New York Times is just the latest to tell us how scared Israel is of an impending Iranian nuclear attack. Of course, Iran has no nuclear weapons and couldn’t have any – even if they tried as hard as they could – for many years to come. But that hardly seems worth mentioning. Just as we tremble at the thought of the bogy-man in the closet and the monsters under the bed, we are afraid of what we “think” about Iran without making the effort to actually think.

The President of the United States, and his party’s presumptive nominee to be the Next President, itch for a fight. Iran cannot be “allowed” to have nuclear weapons, they proclaim, speaking as if they have not only God’s ear, but His mouth too. The assumption goes unchallenged: the United States of America “allows” or “disallows” the possession of weapons by other countries. It’s our way, or the highway! Accordingly, it’s okay for Israel to have not only a nuclear weapon, but an entire nuclear arsenal – however, it’s not okay for Iran (or Iraq, remember them?) to even have “the knowledge” needed to make these weapons. President Bush says as much, although “the knowledge” is spread quite openly worldwide, available on the Internet, and not subject to the approval of any nation or any leader. The money and materials needed to build nuclear weapons may not be as easily accessible, but “the knowledge?” Have we forgotten: “you can’t put the toothpaste…”

No military planner would ever suggest that a nuclear strike against Israel could work. The strategic consequences would be disastrous. Any nuclear attack upon Israel is the same as a nuclear attack upon The West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and even Egypt. All you need to do is look at a map. The State of Israel is SMALLER THAN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY! Ask yourself: could New Jersey be hit by a military style fusillade of nuclear weapons and not have both New York City and Philadelphia severely damaged as well? Could Washington, D. C. avoid the fallout? Not to mention everything from, say Newark, New Jersey south to Wilmington, Delaware and on to Baltimore, Maryland? And how would Boston and the rest of New England fare under such an assault? How much of America’s East Coast would burn or sizzle in a toxic stew of radioactivity? Where would it end? Depends on how the wind blows.

Simply put, if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons, the successors in interest to The Persian Empire (no Arabs themselves, remember) would be responsible for killing most or many of the 2.6 million Palestinians on The West Bank and 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza – all of them, Arabs, not Jews. This would be some 4 million dead, mostly children. The Palestinian population is the youngest in the world, their median age being 18.7 years-old on The West Bank and only 16.2 years-old in Gaza. Are the Iranians ready to incinerate millions of Arab children – a whole Muslim generation eliminated in an instant? Can any reasonable person believe that could be so?

Can Iran hit Israel without “collateral damage?” Tel Aviv is 9 miles from The West Bank. NINE MILES! Can your nuke blow up Minneapolis without destroying St. Paul?

How many of Jordan’s 5 million residents would perish in an Iranian attack on Israel? Go ahead, check your map. Jordan’s capital, Amman is closer to Jerusalem than Galveston is to Houston. Consider the 20 million people living in Syria especially the 6 million in Damascus. And wither Lebanon in such an extremity? What happens to the more than 3 million Lebanese, most of whom believe Iran to be their dearest friend and ally, their protector - and nearly a-third of whom are Christian? All this death and destruction, in the Arab world, from an Iranian attack against Israel. It’s not a pretty picture.

Yet we are told to fear the Iranian threat to Israel’s very existence. We are told that a nuclear Persia will mean the end of some 7 million plus Israelis. And we never ask: would Israel “go quietly?” We know the opposite is true. If Israel were attacked, they would strike back with the full force of their already practiced and powerful nuclear force, an “unspoken” arsenal estimated at between 200 and 500 nuclear bombs and warheads. Such retaliation would surely turn Iran and possibly most of the Middle East into little more than blazing ruins. Hundreds of millions would die. Oh, and as a side-effect, the world’s oil supplies would be “taken off-line,” more likely than not damaged beyond any reasonable hope of repair.

So, ask yourself, finally: Is Israel really threatened by or scared of Iran? And, just why are we – here in the United States of America – ginning up to go to war with the Persians? If “saving Israel” ain’t the real reason, what is? Hey, do you think oil might have something to do with it?

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