Friday, December 19, 2008

Let Doubt Enter

Obama is attempting to rise above ideology in choosing someone from the far right to lead the invocation prayer at his inauguration.

  • If the right feels included and the left gets over it, we may be on our way to reconciliation.
  • The left may still think the right is stupid and the right may still think the left is immoral,
  • But the point of his choice is that we can live together and disagree in harmony.
  • Then, maybe, Doubt will enter the lives of those on both sides who suffer from moral certainty.

Valentine Marofsky Has Spoken


Anonymous said...

I am as pro-doubt as the next girl. But in rising above certainty do we not somethings risk falling below principle? With whom do we wish to live in harmony? Ivory poachers? Financial Swindlers? Gay bashers?

Spetzel Greenburg-Odsachowsky

Anonymous said...

Doubt doesn't preclude principle or the right to love ivory poachers, swindlers and bashers. Doubt permits hate as well. My point is, with doubt there is civility and tolerance. You may not want to tolerate poachers, swindlers and bashers, but there were those who didn't want to tolerate jews, gays and blacks with equal "certainty." Just eliminate the certainty that you (we) are better than poachers, swindlers and bashers and I think the world will be a better place. I could be wrong, after all, how could anyone revere Doubt without admitting, I could be wrong?