Friday, March 20, 2009


How stupid do they think we are? And - be honest - how stupid are we… really?

Answer these six questions:

1. Who knew all about the AIG bonus payments, long ago, not just in the last week or two?
A) President Obama and his top economic advisors and Cabinet members.
B) The members of Congress, House and Senate, who are on the Banking Committee.
C) Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, George W. Bush and Henry Paulson.
D) All of the above.

2. Who knew – long ago – that mortgage based derivatives and credit swaps were destined to collapse and bring down the credit markets and the banking industry?
A) Nobody.
B) Only a tiny handful of very smart economists.
C) Lots of people in a number of US companies in the mortgage, banking and investment industries.
D) Thousands and thousands of people around the world in a host of companies involved in banking, hedge funds, mortgages and investments.

3. Who knows how to solve the economic mess we are all in now?
A) President Obama and his top economic advisors, including academics and Cabinet Officers.
B) Members of Congress.
C) Highly paid professionals still working in the world’s leading investment banking companies.
D) Nobody.

4. Why has the American dollar gained strength through all this crisis and chaos?
A) The fundamentals of our economy are sound.
B) The productivity of the American worker will assert itself eventually.
C) The vitality and integrity of the American business model is the envy of the world.
D) Forty-thousand nuclear weapons together with a worldwide air and naval force.

5. Why isn’t President Obama doing the right thing?
A) He is doing the right thing.
B) He’s trying to do the right thing.
C) It’s too early to know if he’s doing the right thing.
D) He hasn’t the slightest idea what the right thing is.

6. How screwed are we?
A) Blued.
B) Tattooed.
C) Royally.
D) All of the above.

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